Monday, December 7, 2009

Babies arrival at home

Just a quick blog update on the girls. Everyone is doing well - of course lacking some sleep. Girls and boys getting along great too. Here are some pix of the girls.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So close...

Well, today I had my last two doctor appointments. One with Suburban Maternal Fetal Medicine with Doctor Moran and the other with Terrace OB/GYNE and Doctor Chen. The girls are doing well and everything is on track to deliver this Thursday morning. When I went for my final weigh in (I sound like a wrestler) I actually had to stand backwards on the scale because my belly was too big and was pushing me off. It was actually pretty funny to see.

I tried to spend a lot of time with the boys when I got home, as I will not be able to see them for a few days while I am in the hospital. (No one under 18 for visitors due to flu) It is hard for me to think about not being able to see them; but I know we all get through it. I am excited about the arrival of the girls though and am sure my time will be taken up over the few days in the hospital with visitors and baby feedings.

I am also very tired due to final preparations for the girls. I can actually tell I am tired by the lack of consistent sentences and a bunch of run on phrases. Oh well though, I know you all understand.

We will take pictures on the day of and I will (I promise) update the blog.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.