Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A day to remember

Yesterday's post included an important announcement - the newly scheduled date of the girls' c-section - December 3rd. We all have important dates to remember in our lives. Today is another important day, Veteran's Day. We honor our men and women who dedicated their lives to protecting ours. Because of these men and women we enjoy the freedoms that we have. I feel good knowing that my girls will be born into a great country.

Yesterday my mom and I went to the Healing Field of Honor at Rotary Hill in Naperville. We got a flag to pay tribute to my dad, Bob Mikols, for fighting for his country; we are so proud of him. We are also proud of my uncle, Armando Venegas, for he too was enlisted. They are just two examples of veteran's of this great country. The Healing Field is an amazing sight. Check out the link for more information. Attached is a picture of a section of the Field. This does not do it justice, so please stop by to see this amazing tribute.


  1. Just saw your story on Channel 7. My sister (who graduated NCHS) had triplets (2 girls and a boy). These last few weeks will seem longer than they are, hang in there, take care of yourself and those girls. You CAN do it.

    Have you seen the Bott family blog ? They, like you, have identical girl triplets, with no fertility treatment.

  2. Best wishes as you enter your last few weeks of being pregnant!