Monday, November 2, 2009

Make things easy and efficient or make them cost effective?

While I have a break in my day, I often ponder a number of things - as I am sure you can imagine. Today I went online to Peapod to order groceries for the week. I remember thinking how great a company like this is for someone like me. I can't shop - for that matter I can barely walk - so online grocery shopping is great. While this is a bit more expensive, it saves time.

I also ordered some more cloth diapers online today too (check out the link on the side). While using this type of diaper this takes a bit more time during the day (you have to change cloth ones a bit more often), the cost efficiencies gained are enormous. With five kids we can save anywhere from $18,000 - $22,000 over 3 years. Also, it's a great feeling to "go green".

So, I guess the moral of my little "pondering" story today is to take the good with the bad - weigh out your options. You may save a little time here, but spend more - while with a different item you will save a little money but take up a bit more time. Oh, if only there was one easy answer. But, then again, life might be boring.

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